How to Add Paypal Donate Button on WordPress?

Are you looking for a plugin for collecting and managing donations on your WordPress website? It’s safe to say; most WordPress donation plugins are overkill. Hence, the most efficient, convenient, secure, and economical method is to add a simple PayPal donate button on your WordPress website. 

Adding a PayPal donate button in WordPress is easy, and millions the world over are already doing it. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain the benefits of adding a PayPal donate button on WordPress, PayPal’s processing charges, and the two main methods of creating and implementing the button. 

Benefits of Using a PayPal Donate Button in WordPress?

Adding a PayPal donate button on your WordPress website is simple and has many advantages: 

  • A donate button helps blog sites collect funds to cover: their website running costs, the costs associated with the domain name, hosting package, and costs associated with other basic tools.
  • If you run a non-profit organization, having a PayPal donate button on your organization’s website makes fundraising for your causes an efficient process.
  • The PayPal donate button can be added to any area across your WordPress website. You can add it to any text, widget area, sidebar, footer, or even on your homepage or blog posts. 
  • PayPal is one of the leading online payment methods, having over 350 million active registered user accounts worldwide. Whenever your users click on your PayPal donate button, they do it knowing your link is secure.
  • The PayPal system is a simple process:
  1. The user simply clicks on the PayPal donate button.
  2. Next, they’re briefly sent to the PayPal page for making their donation payment.
  3. To donate, they may either use their PayPal account, debit card, or a credit card.

PayPal’s Donation Processing Fees

Before we move on to the methods of adding the PayPal donation button in WordPress, here’s the low down on PayPal’s donation processing charges:

  • Adding the PayPal Donate button on your website is free.
  • For each donation transaction, PayPal charges 2.9% of the total transaction amount plus a $.30 fixed amount as fees. The total fee amount is deducted from the donation amount before being received by the website owner. No fee is charged to the user contributing. 
  • There are no monthly fees or annual charges.

Let’s look at the two methods of adding a PayPal Donate button on your WordPress site.

Two Methods of Adding a PayPal Donate Button to WordPress 

Both of the methods outlined below will yield the same results, so it doesn’t matter which of the two methods you choose for your site.

The two methods are:

Method 1 – Create a PayPal donate button via the PayPal website and embed it into an area of your choice on your website.

Method 2 – Create a PayPal donate button using a WordPress plugin, and then embed the button with a widget or shortcode.

The process for each of the above methods is as follows: 

Method 1 – Create a PayPal Donate Button Via The PayPal Website

This method involves creating a PayPal donate button on the PayPal site and then using the generated code by pasting it into your website. The steps are outlined below.

# Create Your PayPal Account:

Step 1 – If you don’t have a PayPal account, start by signing up for one now. Go to the PayPal website, and on the Fundraising page, click on the “Get Started Today” button.

Add Paypal Donate Button on WordPress

Step 2- To set up your PayPal account, you’ll be asked to select among either a ‘personal’ or ‘business account’ and then fill out all the fields. 

Create Your PayPal Account

Step 3 – After selecting one of the choices above, for setting up your PayPal account, you’ll be asked to fill the following fields:

  • Personal information: first name, last name, and email address. 
  • Create a password and click on the “Next” button to continue. 
  • Your address and phone number.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and then select the “Agree and Create Account” button.

Once your account is set up, you may proceed to create a donate button for your site.

# Create Your Donation Button:

Step 1 – To begin creating your Donate button, on the PayPal Fundraising page, click the blue text link that reads “Learn about creating a donation button.”

create donation button

Step 2 – Next, you’ll see the following screen appear, click on the blue text link that reads “Create a button“:

create paypal donate button

Step 3 – Now, start creating your donate button by selecting “Donations” from the “Choose a button type” drop-down menu: 

How to Add Paypal Donate Button on WordPress

Step 4 – Now, type in the organization name/service field: 

choose paypal button

Step 5 (Optional) – You have the option to “Customize text or appearance” of your PayPal Donate button. Here options include “Use smaller button,” Display credit card logos,” and being able to “Use your own button image”:

Customize text or appearance of paypal button

Step 6 – Select the currency you’d like to accept for the donations. Then, choose whether you’d like contributors to send any amount of their choice or a fixed amount set by you (for example, $25 is being fixed in our illustration below). 

Finally, in this step, decide whether you’d like to use your secure merchant account ID or your primary email address for accepting the donation payments. We recommend selecting the merchant account ID radio button if you wish not to reveal your email address:

How to Add Paypal Donate Button WordPress

Step 7 – Next, moving on to the “step 2 module” of this setup, we recommend checking the box next to the “Save button at PayPal” for saving your customized button for future use as well as for safeguarding your button from fraudulent charges.

Save button at PayPal

Step 8 – Next, you may move on to the optional “step 3 module in PayPal” or finish off the button creation by clicking on the yellow “Create Button” button right away. 

Let’s first take a look at the advanced features; this optional module allows you to enable for your specific cause:

  • Let donors send you messages or thank you notes for your noble cause.
  • You may allow donors to share their shipping address details so that you can send them thank-you notes or even downloadable gifts.
  • Once the contributors have finished making their donations or canceled the process midway, you can redirect them to an external URL (i.e. a specific page of your website). You could have them land on a page with a thank you message or a downloadable gift, for instance.

Step 9 – Now that you’re done with all of the above steps, including adding the optional advanced features, click on the yellow “Create Button” button at the very bottom of the page.

The subsequent page will reveal the website code required to be copied and pasted onto your WordPress website.

Step 10 – Upon clicking “Create Button,” from the page that appears, copy and paste the donation button code generated for the button onto your WordPress website. By clicking on “Select Code,” the code gets highlighted. You can then copy the highlighted code (right-click your mouse button and select “Copy”).

Create Button paypal wordpress

Step 11 – As one of the finishing steps, go to your WordPress dashboard. Paste the copied code into any area of your website where you want the button to appear. You can paste this code on any area of your website where you’d like to see the button appear, including a page, a post, or a widget section.

Here are the steps of adding the code to a page:

Step 1 – In your WordPress dashboard go to “Pages“> “Add New.”

Step 2 – Next, create a title with a description of your choice. For example, we’ve created a page titled ‘Donate For This Wonderful Cause.’ Ensure the Text editor is open while you paste the button code inside. The Visual editor doesn’t suffice the purpose of pasting in the code.

add code to page wordpress

Step 3 – Paste the button code inside the “Text” editor:

Add Paypal Donate Button code WordPress

Congratulations! You’ve just added a PayPal Donate button on the frontend of your WordPress website. Clicking preview or publish will reveal the results.

Method 2 – Create a PayPal Donate Button Using a WordPress Plugin

Having to put up with code isn’t for everyone. This is what plugins are for. Let’s take a look at how you can create a donate button in WordPress using one of the most reputable (trustworthy and high rating) WordPress donations plugins — ‘PayPal Donations.’ 

# Install/Setup The PayPal Donations Plugin:

Step 1 – Go to “Plugins” › “Add New.” Search for “PayPal Donations” via the search bar and once you find it, click on “Install Now,” and then click on the subsequent “Activate’ button.”

Step 2 – Next, from within your WP dashboard, set up the activated plugin. Go to “Settings” › “PayPal Donations.”

Create a PayPal Donate Button Using a WordPress Plugin

Step 3 – Then, in the PayPal account field, type in your PayPal account email ID. Here, you may change the other fields like currency, page style, and return page. 

In the Return Page field, you may enter a URL of a page you would want the donors to end up on after they’ve completed making the donation.

The defaults section has information for visitors to know the purpose or cause associated with the donation. It can also be used to mention the amount donors typically donate.

You may also select how you would like your donation button to appear or enter the URL of a custom donation button.

paypal donate button wordpress

# Adding the Donation Button To Your WordPress Site Via a Widget or Utilizing a Shortcode:

Here’s how you may add it with a Widget:

Step 1 – While you’re on your WP dashboard, go to “Settings“> “Widgets” and locate the ‘PayPal Donations’ widget. It should be in the list of theme widgets.

Step 2 – Next, drag this widget by left-clicking and holding down the click to drag the widget over any preferred widget area across your site; this could be over a header, sidebar, or a footer.

Primary sidebar paypal donate buttun wordpress

Further, adding a title, text, purpose, and reference lets you easily customize the widget.

Step 3 – Click the Save button to save your preferences.

Here’s how you may add it, utilizing a Shortcode:

Step 1 – A small bit of code called a shortcode can be placed anywhere on your WordPress website. Simply copy the below-given shortcode:


Step 2 – This shortcode can now be pasted on any page or post on which you’d like the Donate button placed. In this case, there is no need to have the text editor open. Paste the code in the visual editor as follows:

Shortcode for paypal donate button wordpress

Congratulations! You’ve just added a PayPal Donate button on the frontend of your WordPress website. Clicking preview or publish will reveal what the button looks like.

Final Thoughts

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve outlined how easy it is to create and add a PayPal Donate Button on your WordPress site. Both the approaches yield the same result, so it doesn’t matter which of the two methods you use.

If you have anything to add to enrich our readers’ knowledge, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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