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10 Best WordPress Administration (WP Admin) Themes

Are you happy with your current WordPress admin theme? Whether you’re using the default WP-Admin theme or a recently downloaded one, you might still be looking to cut interface clutter further. In this article, we’ve described the ten best WP Admin themes to declutter your admin backend for a cleaner WP user experience.

A less clunky and a more decluttered admin theme may bring out the best in you to become creative and deliver a better user experience (as your site is better optimized) and lead to happier clients (if you’re building websites for clients). 

What Are WordPress Administration Themes?

They are different WordPress Administration theme dashboard styles that you can install to change the looks, styling, and in some cases, the functionality of the WordPress admin screens. Being a leading CMS (Content Management System), the themes and plugins WP develops help users work better with WP to post their blogs or build their websites in general. 

The admin dashboard is where all the magic happens. With a new theme of your choice, you can transform the admin area to look, feel, and function more in line with your internal thought process and creativity. The result is an enhanced front-end experience for customers through a smoother backend experience for admins and clients.

Here are the top 10 most popular and highly recommended WordPress administration themes:

Top 10 Best WordPress Administration (WP Admin) Themes

1. Slate Admin Theme 

Slate wordpress Administration Theme 

Is your busy looking default WordPress admin theme giving you a headache? Don’t lose motivation to write, leading to interruptions in your regular flow of blog posting! 

‘Slate Admin Theme’ is free to download WordPress administration theme that makes your dashboard a much more compact workspace. 

Slate is one of the most popular admin themes available on the WordPress.org plugin directory. 

If you’re a new user, the last thing you’d want is to be confused between options on your admin screen. Slate was developed to be a simple theme that anyone could get used to in an instant. 

All you require is a content writing experience; the rest is a breeze! Even while installing the theme, there is only one step – install it! No configuration is needed. It reskins your dashboard into a simple interfaced, dark-coloured piece, as shown above. 

Quick Summary – Why Choose Slate Admin Theme?

  • It is focussed on writing and editing, rather than a cluttered dashboard with plugins and themes to worry about.
  • You get two color schemes to choose from.
  • The admin theme of choice by over 6,000 websites, and over 2,000 famous bloggers using it already.
  • Popular free to use admin theme with a 5-star rating.

2. Ultimate Dashboard 

Ultimate Dashboard wordpress admin theme

Ultimate Dashboard Pro is another awesome WP admin theme that’ll take care of the perplexing interface clutter of your admin dashboard. All of our top 10 will, but what’s so “ultimate” about this one? You get to declutter the default WordPress dashboard with your own set of widgets. 

If you’re developing WP sites for your clients, then they would be delighted to work with a fun and friendly admin dashboard as compared to a confusing one. Through customization, you can select your choice of the icon, text, video & HTML widgets so that you create a meaningful end product for your site visitors & clients.

Get out of that mundane user experience of the default WP Admin dashboard! Customize the space with your choice of widgets with Ultimate Dashboard and Ultimate Dashboard Pro, now! 

Quick Summary – Why Choose Ultimate Dashboard?

  • It’s simple and straightforward to use the plugin.
  • Allows you to replace & customize the default WP admin widgets with fresh ones.
  • More appealing, cleaner, enjoyable, and easy to use admin interface for users and clients alike.
  • Comes in both free and pro versions. You may try the free version and then make up your mind to go pro.

3. WPShapere WordPress Admin Theme

WPShapere wordpress administration theme

If you want complete control of your WordPress admin dashboard, then you can’t go wrong with the WPShapere theme. It is an affordable (costing $20) premium theme that comes with 16 pre-made pro templates you can shuffle between. If that’s not joyful enough, you are given unlimited color choices to make changes as and when you wish. 

Besides styling, there are many other customizations you can make, including white labelling the WP dashboard; customizing the login page, labels, icons, dashboard widgets, and the admin menu (by user role); etc.

By installing WPShapere, you can hone your creativity to its limits as you work with this pleasing minimalist theme. 

Quick Summary – Why Choose WPShapere?

  • You get options to customize the admin menu bar for different users as per their role.
  • Tons of widgets to choose from (show or hide as you wish).
  • It has an upload section for logos.
  • Compatibility for WooCommerce, Visual Composer, Contact Form 7, and much more.
  • It’s a powerful premium theme costing only $20, but offering incredible customizations.

4. Blue Admin

Blue Admin wp theme

Do you like to keep things simple, so that you can focus on your primary task? If yes, then this popular theme is the one for you. Blue Admin is a clean & straightforward minimalistic WordPress admin theme

This modern-looking admin theme uses Blue as the primary color in the WP admin bar and white for the admin bar on the right. Due to this soothing color scheme, you get a clear and relaxed admin section to help you bring out the best in your creativity.

Quick Summary – Why Choose Blue Admin?

  • Clean, clear, and soothing admin dashboard style.
  • You can customize the WordPress login page.
  • WP multisite compatibility.
  • You can customize the navigation menus to the admin bar (in case of WordPress 3.3 and above only).
  • It’s free.

5. Flatty – Flat Admin Theme

Flatty – Flat wordpress Admin Theme

The best WordPress administration themes are all simple and uncluttered, yet ‘Flatty Flat Admin Theme‘ stands out by using intelligent use of color. While you’re transforming the WP admin area, you also have the flexibility to alter the look of the WP login area according to your preferences.

As the name suggests, ‘Flatty’ is for those that love flat design. The theme of your entire WordPress dashboard is reskinned using flat design concepts. In addition to the flat design style, you also get a new simplified top bar.

It’s quick to install and activate. The best part is you can do various customizations using the new Flatty option in your WP dashboard sidebar.

Quick Summary – Why Choose Flatty Admin Theme?

  • Changes the style of your WP dashboard (including login page) using flat design principles.
  • Google Re-captcha is added to your login page.
  • You get white-labelling of the WP dashboard.
  • You get the options to use a custom Login logo and hide dashboard widgets, among others. 
  • It’s free.

6. Fancy Admin UI

Fancy Admin UI wp theme

Are you in search of a light WordPress admin theme? If you said yes, then Fancy Admin UI could be what you’re looking for. Fancy Admin UI is another excellent clean design WordPress administration theme. It lets you change the Admin UI primary and secondary colors by going to Settings -> General -> Admin UI Primary Color & Admin UI Secondary Color.

This airy blue/grey theme settles easily on the eyes and is free of cost.

Quick Summary – Why Choose Fancy Admin UI?

  • The light theme is easy on the eyes.
  • You can change the Admin UI primary and secondary colors through the Settings>General page.
  • There is a blue admin bar for the front and backend of the site.
  • There are benefits like mobile menu compatibility and larger calls to action within edit screens.
  • It’s free. 
  • 7. AG Custom Admin

AG Custom WordPress Administration theme

If you’re a blogger, you will benefit significantly from the ‘AG Custom Admin theme‘. This full-customization package allows bloggers to brand their admin dashboard for both media and marketing purposes. 

You can do much more than merely styling the color of your admin dashboard. The theme allows you to make changes to the admin menu. Menu items can be removed, extended, and their colors can be changed as per your preference.

Every page of your dashboard can have its color scheme, and to do that the AG Custom Admin theme features a ‘colorizing’ plugin. Besides that, abundant other features allow you to optimize the UX and UI of your admin dashboard. 

Quick Summary – Why Choose AG Custom Admin?

  • You get full-customization features.
  • Features a ‘colorizing’ plugin.
  • Lets you optimize the UX and UI of your dashboard.
  • Lets you customize the admin bar.
  • It’s free.

8. Aquila WordPress Administration Theme


Aquila wordpress Administration Theme

‘Aquila’ uses “material design” to style your admin dashboard. It’s a black & gold color scheme for WordPress Admin (version 4.0 onwards). All those items in your admin section that are causing clutter and unnecessary confusion to the end-user are cleaned up in this theme.

In addition to clearing up the clutter, it reskins the WP admin dashboard and login page entirely. Further, you can select a color scheme of your liking, use a logo of your choice, and even includes certain new dashboard widgets.

This is the perfect admin theme to use if you, as the developer, are using it for your clients’ websites.

Quick Summary – Why Choose Aquila Admin Theme?

  • Uses “material design” for styling the admin dashboard.
  • Renames “posts” to “blog” (can be changed back to “posts” if you want)
  • Dashboard meta boxes & the user profile section are cleaned.
  • The admin bar is decluttered.
  • It’s free.

9. First – WordPress Administration theme

first wordpress admin theme

This theme looks unique and fabulous as it restyles the WordPress admin sidebar with large icons. You will dig this theme if you aren’t from the most tech-savvy lot!

Besides the incredibly easy to navigate interface that your dashboard gets transformed into, you are also able to add a custom logo, change the way the admin toolbar functions, and even do customization of the login page. Although this theme isn’t available for free, the price of $21 isn’t going to feel heavy as you’re getting admirable value in return. 

Quick Summary – Why Choose First?

  • Uses a flat web design that enables full customization until you’re satisfied.
  • The main features that can be customized include the admin bar, admin menu, login page, style, and footer. 
  • As indicated by its popularity, this theme has carved a professional position within the market.
  • Price $21. 

10. Clientside WordPress Admin Theme

Clientside wp admin Theme

With the ‘ClientsideWordPress administration theme you can rest assured users and clients get optimal simplicity through the dashboard interface. Writers should be able to hone their talent to the fullest and be as productive as they can. This minimalistic theme keeps such factors in view. 

A decluttered and clean admin interface for yourself or your clients should be of paramount importance. Besides the design elements that we immediately come to love, ‘Clientside’ allows for some neat customizations. One such customization, for instance, is how UI elements appear on a per-user role basis.

‘Clientside’ makes it possible for administrators to disable features, rename and hide menu items, hide unnecessary functionality, and do a lot more. In the end, you achieve a clean and simple to navigate the CMS environment. At just $17, it’s one of the most affordable pro themes.

Quick Summary – Why Choose Clientside?

  • Harmoniously designed theme.
  • It comes with a set of tools for everyday admin tasks.
  • It is highly useful out of the box, yet entirely customizable otherwise.
  • There’s an optional dashboard widget that displays the site’s status information.
  • Control over UI elements per user-role (de-clutters admin interface for your client).
  • Price $17.

Final Thoughts!

You may initially be happy with the default WordPress dashboard. Yet, over time you may crave creativity or an end to the monotonous routine of things. A fresh new admin theme helps boost creativity which in turn has a positive ripple effect in business. 

In terms of types of admin themes, you can select among incredible free WP admin themes or equally popular full-featured paid/premium ones. Our top 10 list consists of both kinds since we believe there are a large number of users that would find the free themes sufficient for their requirements. 

Which theme do you prefer? If you’ve tried any of the above themes or have experience with other great themes, please use the comment section to share your thoughts.

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