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10 Best WordPress Facebook Groups You Should Join

Do you wish to enhance your knowledge about WordPress by being part of a larger WordPress community? If yes, you’re just a click of the join button away from being part of one (or several) of the multitudes of active WordPress-related Facebook groups out there. 

These groups allow you to connect instantly with a like-minded community of people who understand WordPress’s ins and outs or are passionate about learning more and more about it. By joining some of these groups, many of which are topic-specific, you will benefit faster than if you were to continue self-learning. 

There are a huge number of WordPress Facebook groups to choose from. WordPressers usually join groups based on their knowledge level, specific topics, or general WordPress conversation groups. 

Chances are, you’ll come across many useful blogs that talk about WordPress topics and issues. Yet, beginners and advanced users need to be part of a more comprehensive and interactive WordPress ecosystem. In this article, we’ve listed the best WordPress Facebook groups you should join for specific knowledge levels, popular topics, and general purposes. 

Before moving ahead with the top-notch Facebook groups for WordPress users of all levels, let’s take a look at the advantages of joining these groups and how to make the best use of your new groups. 

Here we go!

Advantages Of Joining WordPress Facebook Groups

  • You can post your thoughts, share feedback, ask for help, request possible resolutions to your specific issues.
  • You can receive immediate responses.
  • Unlike long formal back and forth emails to a support team, it’s an informal communication process.
  • You’re dealing with real people that are nearby or elsewhere, yet, your interests match. It’s a great way to find a WordPress friend you can discuss things with.
  •  You can find someone you are comfortable collaborating with for a future project. 
  • Due to global outreach, the groups remain active round the clock. Once you have the Facebook app installed on your smartphone or handheld device, it gets only easier. 
  • Reach experts easily, or be one yourself. Once you get the hang of things, you may decide to start your own WordPress Facebook group one day. 
  • Keyword search capability allows you to find the right groups and posts in accordance with your specific interest and WP experience level.

General Guidelines For Making Optimal Use of WordPress Facebook Groups

All Facebook groups are closely monitored by an admin or admins of that particular group. To ensure your experience with the group is uninterrupted and beneficial, there are a few guidelines you must adhere to:

  • Make sure you’re in the right group – To make sure of this, read the purpose laid out in the group’s description. If mistakenly you’ve joined the wrong group — not paying attention to the group description — then immediately leave the group. 
  • Know the group rules – To avoid being banned (or blocked) from the group, there are specific protocols you need to pay attention to. These rules are stipulated in the rules section of each group. Not being allowed to post Spam or self-promotional pitching are some rules common to most groups.

Further, there are rules to do with specific behavior that is to be strictly followed. To be kind and courteous is an example of expected behavior from members.  

Tip: Before posting something you’re unsure of meets the guideline criteria, it’s recommended you first message the admin to check if it requires further tweaking. 

That’s how to jump into Facebook groups the right way!

Now, here are some of the top WordPress Facebook Groups you should join:

10 Of The Best WordPress Facebook Groups 


1. WordPress Help For Beginners

If you are on your way to developing your first ever WordPress site, WordPress for Beginners is a great starting point. Here no question is “stupid.” You may ask it all here and get the support you deserve for your WordPress beginnings. It’s also a great place to find and hire experienced WordPress developers.

There are beginners with different goals. As someone just starting, your focus could be to learn WordPress. Alternatively, you may be keen to gain key insights to help you manage developers you may eventually hire.

To assist members in making the best use of the group, the group’s “SEARCH” bar plays an important role. It’s a short cut way of searching whether your question has been asked and its answer.

The big plus about this group is, it isn’t just composed of newbie members. The group includes seasoned advanced and intermediate WordPress Developers. Intermediate to Advanced WordPress Developers’ all are found partaking in newbie discussions as well. They do this to help sharpen their technical skills and develop an enhanced ability to communicate with clients.

Furthermore, it makes sense to hire someone from within the group. Over time, group members have contributed to the group with their questions, knowledge, and discussions. Moreover, their profiles reveal essential information about their genuineness and background so that you can make a safe and informed hiring decision.

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2. Intermediate WordPress 

This group is meant for those that fall right between beginner and expert levels. Intermediate-level WordPressers make up the majority of this group. Yet, the group is composed of users of other levels as well.

The intermediate group comprises experts and almost experts. All of them understand at least basic level code in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL.

The group’s first rule is, you should be at minimum working on developing intermediate-level knowledge in developmental topics such as PHP and JavaScript. You must first search the internet and the previous group posts before asking your question.

Today, this group has about five thousand members and multiple administrators. The admins ensure the spam posts and nonconforming group posts and discussions are kept at bay. 

Suppose you’re unable to solve your theme and plugin related issues through Google search. In that case, the Intermediate WordPress group is the place where you’ll get help.

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3. Advanced WordPress 

This is the group for you if you’re an advanced WordPress user with substantial experience. This group has 33,000 expert WordPress members, wherein newbies may feel lost. The questions posted in this group are well-researched and pertinent. Your posts, discussions, job hunt, and technical help requests are all taken care of in this one place.

Confused about whether you’re an advanced WordPress developer? If you can code an entire plugin or WordPress theme, you are fit for this group. In this group, you will be among the creators of the top WordPress plugins and themes. 

Passionate WordPress developers and advanced users worldwide, all having a keen understanding of the WordPress open-source platform, make up this group.

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4. WordPress Hosting

Advanced WordPress users that desire a dedicated group for questions, discussions, and technical help to do with the topic of WordPress hosting, are found thronging the ‘WordPress Hosting’ group. 

Here you’ll find discussions on all the tips and tricks of hosting among many other topics related to hosting. It doesn’t matter if your concerns about hosting are of a basic level or an advanced level, this group is for all user levels. 

Hosting is an important factor in the smooth running of your website. Suppose you’re unhappy with a particular host and wish to migrate to a new one. In that case, you’ll seek suggestions, have questions, and require technical support. For all that, this group is the ideal place.  

This group with over 16,000 members, was created as an offshoot of the ‘Advanced WordPress’ group to focus on WordPress hosting. Here there are comprehensive and constructive discussions around WP Hosting, tips & tricks, new features, concerns, and caching and performance. 

More general and subjective topics like “Which is the best host” are not what this group is all about. If you have advanced hosting concerns and challenges, you’ll feel at home in this group. 

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5. WordPress Plugin Suggestions

This is a popular group with almost 21,000 members, multiple admins, and anywhere between 6 to 10 posts on average per day. The ‘WordPress Plugin Suggestions’ group, as the name suggests, is a community purely into WordPress plugins. 

There is high activity in the group on a daily basis. The information group members typically post about includes their experiences with various WP plugins. This includes sharing their opinions, feedback, advice, and screenshot descriptions of plugin issues. 

The WordPress ecosystem has a plethora of plugins to pick from. Beginners could easily be perplexed about such issues, including which plugin is best suited for their purpose. Hence, this group is an excellent repository of all the important questions, solutions, and opinions.

For the entrepreneurial-minded, if you have a plugin idea and don’t know whether there will be a market for it, this group is that magical place where you can test your idea — you’ll find beta testers to help identify various bugs.

You may link the discussion to a plugin you’ve used, though no affiliate links can be used. Self-promotion or money-making isn’t allowed in this group. Overall, the quality of posts in this group is high, and the turnaround time for responses is quick. 

Another similar Facebook group that is a more general group about plugins is called ‘WordPress Plugins.’ It talks about recommendations and advice on various plugins.

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6. WooCommerce Help & Share

The WooCommerce Help & Share group has over 36,000 members. It allows you to share your WooCommerce related products and offerings with the condition you’re an “active” member. The other primary condition is, you can’t post your offering more than once every two weeks.

Further, the group’s admins do not tolerate any drive-by promotions. If you’re not an active member and your first ever post is about your product offering, you’re likely to get banned.

Besides the emphasis on active participation and being allowed to promote your WooCommerce offerings only, there are some other strict rules. One of which is, Spam isn’t allowed! Also, you have to adhere to the policy of keeping all communication clean and respectful.

This group is your space if you want to discuss all things WooCommerce. The typical activity here includes discussion about features, troubleshooting issues, plugins, and technical support. Besides that, this is a great place to share your WooCommerce ideas, invite new ideas, suggest new plugins, and much more.

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7. WordPress, SEO, & Internet Questions

If you have questions to do with WordPress.org, SEO, and the internet, look no further. This group, currently has 25,000 members, helping each other with WP, SEO, and internet questions. The extensive member list comprises basic to expert level WordPress users. 

This group isn’t just a community of those seeking technical support, it also functions as a hub for relevant education. It’s an incredible place to ask specific questions and get quick answers. Here, you also get redirected to helpful how-to-posts recommended by other members. 

The rules governing this group are centered around ensuring the group remains civil, helpful, and inclusive. Owing to encouraging rules, members here are as descriptive as possible — it’s common to see posts that have helpful visuals and be marked as resolved. 

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8. Content Creators

The ‘Content Creators’ Facebook group isn’t huge in terms of its number of members (currently 6,600) as yet. The reason is this group originated later than most other groups on our list. However, this group has the explosive potential to grow exponentially. As we know it, that’s because content makes or breaks your website — “everything is content”! 

Facebook’s ‘Content Creators’ group was created by ‘Kim Doyal’ as a common place for Content Creators and strategists to connect and have fun while doing so. From newbies to experts, all ask questions and share insights in this group. 

This group is an incredible community for Content Creators on Facebook. Here you’ll find every resource required to focus on creating and growing your audience through meaningful “content that converts.”

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9. Elementor Community

Today, hundreds of thousands of WordPress professionals across the globe use Elementor as their website builder platform. Elementor is an open-source, GPLv3 licensed platform powering more than half a million active sites.

Having almost 87,000 members, the Elementor Community Facebook group is the official Facebook group for Elementor lovers. Here, you keep getting Elementor related tutorials, as well as regular updates about themes and plugins on the group’s news feed.

It’s an enthusiastic group of Elementor users who constantly share their experiences about Elementor products. They also actively discuss and solve issues for other members of the Elementor community. Members actively help one another learn Elementor, connect with other developers, and answer ‘how-to’-questions.

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‏‏ 10. WordPress Speed Up

This is a private Facebook group for WordPress users having anywhere from basic to expert level knowledge. As the name suggests, this group is all about speeding up your WordPress site. You’ll find questions, discussions, and opinions by members on different issues and get rich knowledge about WordPress site optimization

Within the ‘WordPress Speed Up’ community, you’ll notice an atmosphere of friendliness. From the admin to the community, everyone within the group is in tandem with each other as they vie to sort out raised issues quickly. If you want to learn how to speed up your site, this group is the perfect place to land up on. 

The following are some of the rules governing this group:

  • No discussions on hostings permitted.
  • No discussions about PageSpeed/Grades improvements are allowed.
  • You can’t show off your site’s speed unless you first outline a general overview of how you achieved the optimized speed.
  • One of the “musts” is to share the link of the GT metrix, Pingdom, or other optimization reports as proof.

Most of the other rules are geared towards keeping the group free of Spam and self-promotions. If you’re trying your level best to promote your plugin, refrain from entering this group. Doing such promotions is sure to get you banned from the group. 

Furthermore, suppose you are experienced at, or are keen to learn about speeding up WordPress under specific hosting configurations. In that case, this is the right group for you.

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Final Thoughts

Suppose you’re a part of the huge WordPress community. In that case, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be part of one or several of these incredible WordPress related Facebook groups. By joining the groups, you and your fellow members can gain a lot from each other’s invaluable experiences, opinions, and posts. 

There are many other incredible WordPress Facebook groups, each deserving to be mentioned and recommended.

However, this article lists some of the best and most popular among them — to represent the larger idea. Use the comments section to share your experiences with WordPress Facebook groups, and if you have any additional tips, tricks, or recommendations.

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